Janice Harris Lord

Since my 75th birthday, I have devoted most of my time to the distribution of my books to those who will benefit most from them. In addition, I am very excited about the Daughters of Abraham groups I formed in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, an interfaith network of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim women who gather monthly to learn more about one another. On occasion, I provide consultation, speaking and expert witness work. I am no longer taking new trauma therapy clients. However, I know excellent trauma therapists all over the country and would be happy to give you a good referral.

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Goodbyes: The Many Faces of Grief Following a Traumatic Death

Janice Harris Lord's new book is the synthesis of more than 40 years of experience supporting survivors grieving the tragic death of a loved one.

"Janice Harris Lord has artfully combined her sage counsel for someone traumatically grieved with the vivid imagery of illustrator, Katherine Fortner Doerge. An artful premise of restoration is contained in “what helps” advice for these changes. Janice Lord’s writing is so conversational in style that she empathically engages and guides – as if she were at the reader’s side.”  -- Edward K. Rynearson, MD, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Washington, Author of Violent Death: Resilience and Intervention

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    Resources extensively used by grieving families as well as numerous professionals and organizations

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    • Interfaith Relationships

      17 years on, this Fort Worth interfaith group is still meeting to celebrate their similarities...

    • Our Purpose

      Daughters of Abraham is a discussion group for women of three faiths: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, all religions with roots back to Abraham. We seek to enhance understanding of the spiritual and cultural similarities and differences among the three faith communities.

    • Finding Common Ground & Peace

      Interfaith women’s group looks for common ground and peace together...

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    • How to start an Interfaith Group

      It takes time to build trust, even among sub-groups of one faith or members of any group. No matter how open-minded you are, you (yes, even you) have some stereotypical ideas. Begin with a small group of representatives of the three Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam)...