Traumatic Death & Grief

Goodbyes: The Many Faces of Grief Following a Traumatic Death

Janice Harris Lord's new book is the synthesis of more than 40 years of experience supporting survivors grieving the tragic death of a loved one.

"Janice Harris Lord has artfully combined her sage counsel for someone traumatically grieved with the vivid imagery of illustrator, Katherine Fortner Doerge. An artful premise of restoration is contained in “what helps” advice for these changes. Janice Lord’s writing is so conversational in style that she empathically engages and guides – as if she were at the reader’s side.”  -- Edward K. Rynearson, MD, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Washington, Author of Violent Death: Resilience and Intervention

Coping with the Holidays After the Death of a Loved One

By Janice Harris Lord

When Grief Comes Home for the Holidays

Many among us have struggled with the cloud of sadness than hangs over the holidays after a loved one has died. If the person was killed, the onslaught of holiday cheer may seem too much to bear. Holidays can give rise to new or returning bouts of depression, panic attacks, and other forms of anxiety for those whose lives have been affected.

Family members, friends, and work colleagues often re-experience life-changing trauma through flashbacks, nightmares, and overwhelming sadness. Some
have trouble sleeping, while others don’t want to get out of bed. Tears come easily, often when least expected. Old ailments, including headaches, gastrointestinal problems, and aches and pain may return.

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